Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cantonese Food Intro

Cantonese food is one of the most popular Chinese cuisine styles outside China. It is originally from the region of Canton (which is in Chinese Cantonese, and is called Guangdong in Chinese mandarin), a province in southern China.
Short Video About Deeelicious Cantonese Food!!

Canton (Guangdong) is at the lower right corner of the map, near Hong Kong :)

We can enjoy a huge variety of Cantonese dish besides dim sum. Cantonese food is typically and traditionally steamed, boiled or stir-fried. It is healthier because it uses less oil than other cuisines. The Cantonese believe that the less time vegetables are cooked, the better natural nutrition and flavor they can retain from the dish. Also, soup (which is usually a clear broth cooked with meat and other ingredients on mild fire for hours) is served before a meal, and white rice is usually accompanied with meals.
I will introduce some good Cantonese restaurants around Boston, as well as some of my favorite dishes in the next post. Please stay tuned!


  1. The One in New York is more traditional,haha

  2. Yeah, tell me about it... New York has one of the largest Chinese communities, and sometimes I just miss all the great Chinese restaurants in the city and Brooklyn, lol