Monday, November 22, 2010

6 Steps for Homemade Bubble Tea

Craving for yummy bubble tea but no good place around? Try this easy 6 steps for your own tasty homemade bubble tea!
Ingredients: Lipton black tea bag, soymilk, Tapioca Pearl (bubble, I bought mine from Super 88 in Allston), honey
Tapioca Pearl (bubble)
Step 1: put bubble as many as you like into boiling water for 5 minutes
Step 2: take bubble out and put them into cold water for 10 seconds
Step 3: take bubble out and put then into honey for 1 min
Cooked bubble in honey
 Step 4: pour boiling water over a tea bag, and brew for 3 mins
Step 5: put soymilk into tea (soymilk:tea=1:3)
Step 6: put bubble into milk tea in Step 5, and sweeten to taste
Bubble Tea!
Enjoy your homemade yummy bubble tea :)

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  1. Bubble teas often contain a fruit syrup, milk and tapioca pearls. Many varieties of bubble tea exist due to personal preferences and the types of tea used.