Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homemade Cantonese Soup—Ching Po Leung

Cantonese cuisine is famous for its slow-cooked soup (called lo foh tong in Cantonese dialect). The Cantonese soup is a clear, non-oily and non-greasy broth, simmering with Chinese herbs and meat. It is a must-have dish at a traditional Cantonese family dinner, because people in Canton believe that the slow-cooked soup is good for their health.
I haven’t found any real authentic Cantonese soup at any restaurant in Boston so far, so let’s homemade one of the most famous traditional slow-cooked soups--Ching Po Leung, with only 10 simple and easy steps!
Ching Po Leung (a mix of Chinese herbs)
Ingredients: two pound of pork chop, one bag of Ching Po Leung (which is a mix of Chinese herbs that you can find at any Chinese supermarket), salt
Cooker: a pot that can hold at least half a gallon water (around 8-10 bowls of water)
Step 1: cut pork chop into chunks
Step 2: boil one gallon of water in the pot
Step 3: put the cut pork into the boiling water for 5 mins
Step 4: take pork chop out of boiling water, and wash them with cold water (it helps to wash off the fat of pork chop, so the broth is clear and non-oily)
cut, boiled, washed pork chop chunks
Step 5: wash the Ching Po Leung with cold water.
7 kinds of Chinese herbs in Ching Po Leung: on the left, from top--Jade Bamboo, Dried Foa Nuts, Lily Pulp & Barley
on the right, from top--Lotus Seed, Longan Meat & Chinese Yam
Step 6: put the washed Ching Po Leung and pork chop and half a gallon water into the pot
washed Ching Po Leung in the pot
washed pork chop and Ching Po Leung in the pot
Step 7: boil the water, and then turn down the cooking heat to slow till the water is boiling
Step 8: slow cook the soup for an hour and a half
this is how it looks after an hour and a half!
Step 9: add salt according your personal preference, and then the soup is ready to serve!
yummy soup served in a bowl
Enjoy your homemade delicious and healthy Ching Po Leung soup :)


  1. Jeez. Can you cook for me when I get my wisdom teeth removed??


  2. Sure thing dear! Just let me and I'll cook you soup :) Get well soon!

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