Saturday, November 13, 2010

Best Chicken in Boston

BEST chicken I’ve tasted in Boston ever!
This post is gonna be about my favorite chicken dish—Empress Salted Chicken! Even the name of the dish sounds so awesome: the chicken delicately prepared only for the powerful empress in ancient China, the mysterious land in the Far East. We can now all taste this dish at Ho Yeun Ting in Chinatown, located at 13 Hudson St., Boston, MA 02111.
Empress Salted Chicken
The restaurant is really not that flashy nor spacious, but the chicken is so good that I don’t really care about the simple decoration and limited capacity at all! The chicken is so perfectly cooked and salted that it is tender and juicy from outside to inside, and even you can taste its special salty flavor from the bones. So Yum! Also, they do take out, and you can either order half or the whole Empress Salted Chicken! I just looove saying the name :)


  1. You foods are alway delicious and they look so good by your photographing!

    P.S. You provide me a good chance to eat a lot. I am worried about my balley right now.....

  2. Good food is like the gift from heaven, and i always try to embrace it into my tummy first before worrying too much :)

    We study and work hard & play and eat well, lolz

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