Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hong Kong Style BBQ in Chinatown

In Hong Kong, BBQ meat is one of the very important dishes at family dinner, as well as in big holiday feast. Vihn-Sum BBQ restaurant, located at 58 Beach Street, Boston, MA 02228, has some of the best Hong Kong style BBQ meat in Chinatown.
The restaurant doesn’t have much decoration, but it is very clean and spacious, with two floors.
We ordered a BBQ combo including everything—roast duck, roast pork (char siu), roast pork chop, and roast pig (siu yuk). All of the BBQ meat were authentically and traditionally grilled, very juicy and tender! Yum yum!
Hong Kong Style BBQ (from top: roast pork chop, roast pork, roast duck & roast pig)
They also have a take-out BBQ booth, where the skillful butchers cut the BBQ meat quickly and precisely according to your order!
Another dish we ordered was Shredded Chicken. It was a cold dish that came with a lot of vege like carrots, tomatoes, green pepper and red pepper, and white sesame on top. Not really Hong Kong/Cantonese style shredded chicken, so I don’t recommend it…
Shredded Chicken
Vihn-Sun also has a broad Hong Kong style menu, from sandwich, congee to milk tea. I’ll follow up with another review about it soon!!


  1. I've never had the BBQ pork belly from Vihn-Sum BBQ but I'm going there right now.

  2. Awww~~~ I wanna gooo tooo! Have fun!!
    Plz let me know if you like it :)

  3. Babe-stop this blog!! You're ruining my diet plans and turning a vegetarian to a meat-lover!!

  4. exercise after yummy food in the tummy :)