Saturday, November 20, 2010

Homemade Cantonese Soup—American Ginseng Chicken Soup

Recently, I’ve been addicted to making all kinds of Cantonese soup in the same way my mom cooks for the whole family, and it makes me feel home :)
Today, let’s make anther traditional Cantonese soup—American Ginseng Chicken Soup.
Ingredients: chicken (around two pound, you could either buy a whole chicken or just chicken drumsticks), one bag of American Ginseng mixed Chinese herbs (which you can find at any Chinese supermarket, please see the picture below), salt
American Ginseng mixed Chinese herbs, from left: wolfberries, dried polygonatum, dioscorea opposita & Amercia ginseng
Packet of American Ginseng mixed Chinese herbs
Cooker: a pot that can hold at least one gallon of water (around 8-10 bowls of water)
Step 1: cut chicken into chunks (if you use only chicken drumsticks, you don’t have to cut them, which is easier)
Step 2: boil one gallon of water in the pot
Step 3: put the cut chicken into the boiling water for 5 mins
Step 4: take chicken out of boiling water, get rid of chicken skin, and wash them with cold water (it makes sure that the meat is as less fat as possible, so the broth is clear and non-oily)
cut and washed chicken
Step 5: wash the American Ginseng mixed Chinese herbs
Step 6: boil another gallon of water in the pot
Step 7: put the washed herbs and chicken into boiling water
Step 8: turn down the cooking heat to slow till the water is boiling again
Step 9: slow cook the soup for an hour and a half
Step 10: add salt according your personal preference, and then the soup is ready to serve!
American Ginseng Chicken Soup served in a bowl
Enjoy your homemade delicious and healthy American Ginseng Chicken Soup :)


  1. I seriously love this website! These recipes definitely brings back sweet nostalgia!

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